Download here the FRPM21 practical guide for in-person participants.


From 1 July persons presenting the EU Digital COVID Certificate can enter Hungary without restrictions.
For further details please check the
official info site of the EU.
We also suggest you to consult the
travel planner of the EU before planning your journey to Hungary.


The conference will take place at Danubius Hotel Helia, which can be found on the bank of the Danube river opposite Budapest's Margaret Island and offers great fitness, spa and conference facilities.
Danubius Helia Hotel can be easily reached by all means of public transport. For detailed information click here.
Discounted hotel reservation for FRPM21 conference participants is possible at the link provided by the venue.
COVID-19 safety measures of the hotel are summarized here. According to current Hungarian legislation, wearing a mask is not compulsory, but it is highly recommended.

Danubius Hotel Helia.mp4

COVID-19 testing

For those who need negative PCR test results for their travel we suggest the testing center at Budapest airport:

PCR tests and rapid antigen tests can be performed without an appointment, only online registration is required, which can be completed on a smartphone or computer, at the website (you can switch the language at the right upper corner to English).

The results of PCR tests are sent electronically, within 24 hours, except in the case of tests performed between 14:00 and 18:00 hours on Saturdays. The results of tests performed during this period are sent within 28 hours. The fixed authority price of PCR tests is 19.500 HUF, which can be paid on site by credit card.

If you prefer to take a test at your hotel, we suggest this provider:

You can book it in advance and they go to your hotel with no additional charges.

They send the official result by email in Hungarian, English and German by the following deadlines: Budapest 12-18 hours.

The price is 18.900 HUF, interval fees may apply if you would like to have a shorter interval when they perform the test (max. 12.000 HUF).

It can be paid by credit card as well.